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Gagna, a very intelligent soft spoken young woman who is studying abroad in Australia, returns home to spend time with her family in Kerala, south India. However, her sharp curious mind, and ideal of success in the modern digital world, will face a slow but radical turn when she encounters the richness of the poetic images chanted by the dedicated wardens of the millenary Vedic chant, Sri Rudram in Dakshinamurtis temple



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Ananda Jyothi

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Ananda Jyothi

Ananda Jyothi, a poet, script writer, musician and filmmaker from Cochin, Keralam. He has directed many international documentary film projects in Greece, Switzerland, England, Brazil, and India and also worked as an invited curator for the biggest Indian film festival in South America in Brazil. He has scripted and directed a feature film; Uma; Light of the Himalaya, an Indo Brazilian joint venture that has been screened in several countries and was officially selected to the International Film Festival of India in the year of 2019 where it bagged special jury mention. He lived and worked for 15 years in Brazil and now settled in Keralam and presently engaged with the new Indo Brazilian and Portuguese feature film project.

The Story

Sree Rudram

Sree Rudram is the most powerful, lyrical beauty of the Vedic hymn from the Yajurvedam which chants praise and glorification to lord Rudra/Siva, the creator of the world. People in India, chant the hymn as part of the daily prayers, as spiritual practice for auspicious results in the form of peace of mind, a sense of well-being, blessings with abundance and
prosperity for all living beings and for the goodness of the world.

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