Perumeen cinema

We wish to tell stories which strikes a blissful note in the heart of people.we trust cinema can inspire humanity in a creative way to move on...,perumeen cinema been blessed with inspiring projects.we use visual poetry to tell a story

Perumeen cinema is connecting & resonating a harmonious dialogue between film cultures which are unique around in the world.for us making films is a beginning which has no end ,like a river that flows to find the ocean

Each projects we involves slowly & steadily with intuitive understanding & maturity.perumeen takes creative action to benefit both sides..,in order to coexist corresponding to spiritual values and material views of living.we are always grateful to each one who supports and encourages us to achieve what ever we dreamed so far

perumeen cinema stays for cinema with a matter the cinema industry has its terms and conditions but having relationship based on trust can benefit a wide range of people through cinema


Visual media is precious to our existence, we interpret projects which is significant to express human existence.and everyone is blessed with the power to start over, we appreciate and recognise various perspectives &support it go smoothly

The crew

Anand Jyothi

Story & Direction