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Sree Rudram is the most powerful, lyrical beauty of the Vedic hymn from the Yajurvedam which chants praise and glorification to lord Rudra/Siva, the creator of the world. People in India, chant the hymn as part of the daily prayers, as spiritual practice for auspicious results in the form of peace of mind, a sense of well-being, blessings and for the goodness of the world.

Dakshinamoorthy is the lord of wisdom; the silent form of Siva where you can experience the grace and blessings of his benevolence for higher knowledge. More then thousand year old, an ancient Dakshinamoorty temple; located Sukapuram, northern Kerala. Sukapuram is a place for Sanskrit Vedic scholars, who shared the wisdom of the lineages through the traditional Guru Kula system and there still remain a few in the village who keep the precious jewels of Vedic knowledge. Vedic students from different states of India come here to learn the Sanskrit texts from the great masters, which makes us wonder about the astonishing memory of having memorized 10600 mantras from the Yajurveda from beginning to end.